Writing and my computer


I’ve been emailing a lot since August, usually spending one to one and a half hours on it every day. It makes me feel more involved; I can reach and talk to people of my own volition. Moreover, I have discovered that writing about my experiences and the things that happen in my life leaves me feeling immensely satisfied. I’ve even tried to get my articles published, but to no avail. Alas, this weblog will have to do: my very own “column”.

November 1998

I have discovered writing. Two articles practically wrote themselves: Gran Canaria and Scooter Adventures. I enjoy putting concise personal stories to paper. A friend of mine told me writing really suits me. I think it stems from my inherent wish to be heard. I want to tell the world that I’m still here. Sadly, my column didn’t make the Volkskrant (a Dutch newspaper), and I still haven’t heard back from Libelle Magazine. I think I just need to try harder. Really bear down for a while. On Monday I wrote an article on using my PC with which I’m satisfied. Guess I’ll try the Volkskrant again. Of course, I also busy myself with making newspapers for the kids. Working on them is fun and gratifying.
One could say that my joie de vivre persists. I was practising reiki and heard Ward chattering in the hall, in the shower. He’s always so busy and so lively. I really felt that. I use my greatest strengths in meditation: my joy in life and the enjoyment I delve from it. Those aspects are slowly returning to my life. It’s lovely. Tomorrow we’re celebrating Hein’s birthday. I’m glad we’re still celebrating it. Now I just need to focus on getting my article in the Volkskrant.

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