Diary October en November 1999

How was America?

It was great. We did a lot of fun things and everything went as smoothly as it could’ve. The cottages we rented were amazing. They all had swimming pools, very American. We visited Universal Studios and went on plenty of attractions: E.T., Jaws, Earthquake, King Kong, Twister, etc. Then there was Cape Kennedy. The whole place reeks of spaceflight history. It’s still in use; the next launch is scheduled for December 2nd. Lastly: Epcot, a new Disney theme park. Future World was a bit disappointing, truthfully. The World Showcase was pretty, especially Mexico, the child acrobats and the breathtaking parade. Continue reading “Diary October en November 1999”

Diary December 1999

Sunday night blues

What’s the deal with Sunday nights? Yesterday (Sunday) we had a lovely day. Floor and Ward were in pyjamas until 1:30. They had both built K’nex structures. Hein went into town to buy presents for Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition similar to Christmas). In the meantime, we were making presents for each other. Celine Dion on the radio, candles lit, soda and biscuits. I asked Ward to put the kettle on, but he doesn’t know how. Floor helps him, but is a bit too assertive. The harmony is gone. Hein comes back home and accidentally spoils that Ward will be getting a steering wheel from Sinterklaas, something that can’t really be un-spoiled. Continue reading “Diary December 1999”