Diary February 2005


I hadn’t taken a tumble in years, but this month I fell to the ground two times when trying to use the bathroom. It’s due to a combination of being tired and badly positioned legs, because of which I sank to my knees. There’s no way to stop it once it’s started. Hein had to pick me up and I could do nothing to make it easier, I was dead weight. The second time I fell, I cracked my head on the floor. I saw spots for a second, but everything seemed fine. Only by the next day did we see what the damage was. While I was drinking, I felt like my jaw had been unhinged, the way my teeth gnashed together. And while I was eating my porridge, my remaining front tooth came loose. I now have three enamel stumps where my front teeth used to be Continue reading “Diary February 2005”