Other business


I’m a great doer and very results-oriented. Even when I was a child I was a little organisational prodigy, but the results-oriented part of me I had yet to discover. I did when I started working. After every job I completed, I was always able to point out what results I had achieved during that period. I prefer my results to be tangible.

My last few jobs have all been results-oriented too. As a formula manager for Primafoon, I was responsible for lots of in-house organisation. Even now, five years after I left, I still find old relics from my Primafoon days. Recently, when I was in hospital, I saw a Telecenter carousel, a little corner where one can use a telephone and fax things. Once, I stood at the cradle of the concept for the carousel. My final job had me improve employee mobility. There was organisation galore; developing campaigns, mobility shops and job databases.

Even during my sick period, I am inclined to evaluate myself in the same way. I’m proud of my homepage, my newsletters, the musical I wrote, our journey through America and the book I wrote. There’s still a little voice in the back of my head telling me none of it matters. God and your peers don’t judge you based on how hard you worked and tried, but based on if you had decent manners. I have to admit, my manners have declined a tad. I’m definitely not a people’s person. All that motivational coaching stuff is lost on me.

Just let me take care of all that other business.

October 2000
Jeanet van der Vlist