I love going on holiday. Doing things and seeing things with the family, that sort of thing. We’ve always been an adventurous family. Currently, going on trips a bit (read: a lot) more passive than it used to be. Luckily, it doesn’t ruin the fun. Coming back from holidays, however, is a lot less enjoyable.

May 1999

I’m finally back behind my trusty computer after holidaying in Denmark. I haven’t missed it a lot while I was abroad, I was having too much fun for that. Even though I didn’t often verbally express it, I had lots of fun. Denmark was great, apart from the journey back (headaches and nausea). That was when I started asking myself questions again; what will I be able to do at home when we get back? Using the toilet? It’s fine, except for putting my trousers back on. Eating by myself (we forgot to bring a compatible spoon to Denmark)? It’s doable. However, on Tuesday I had a nasty fall and hurt my head. I probably have a slight concussion. My head is achy, I’m nauseous and I feel very unsure of myself. I also got hay fever, so lots of sneezing and blowing my nose. I get a strange headache when I sleep, so I hope I’m getting enough oxygen. I feel like I’m breathing the most I can. Headaches, nausea and mucus are making life considerably less pleasant and really puts things in perspective. Despite this, I’m still active: writing on my website, going into town, buying garden plants, visiting Annemiek, basically everything I usually do, but with a lot more doubt in my mind.

August 1999

Better news: we had a wonderful holiday in Zealand and Germany with our friends and family. In that respect, we really are in good company. Coming back from holiday is still a disaster. It’s always upsetting to me. I have to get used to being back in the house and not having daily programmes filled with fun and friends. In contrast, everything looks and feels a little worse back home.