Becoming unintelligible

Of all my handicaps, not being able to speak clearly is the worst one. It isolates me the most. People are afraid to constantly ask me what I said, but their vague reactions usually tell me that they didn’t fully understand what I said. What would someone even have to say to me? Problems like these usually arise between me and acquaintances, less so with friends. The uncomfortableness on both ends makes me even more withdrawn. It used to be contact like this that used to give me life. And I love gossip, so how will I stay informed? Continue reading “Becoming unintelligible”

Diary July 2001

Tweety and Dropje, the neighbourhood chicks

The new neighbourhood trend is finding and raising chickens. It started with Dropje, found at the hospital, allegedly without a mother. The next chick would be Ward’s. That was Tweety, an adorable brown/yellow chick. By day, they’re neighbourhood chicks. We made a big coop, which was installed next to our front door. At night, the chicks are brought inside. Most of the time, the two birds are at our house. Whenever anyone starts walking, they trot along: tip tap, tip tap. When we watch TV, they’re on the couch with us. There’s excrement everywhere. I do find it cozy, but as the chickens grow bigger, so do their droppings. Continue reading “Diary July 2001”