Diary February 2001

Head mouse, continued

Paul, Hein’s brother, installed the head mouse on my desktop computer. It’s much more functional. A much larger screen, a cursor that doesn’t vibrate, a more responsive sensor area for the mouse, not always having to recalibrate my mouse and audible feedback whenever I press a button, which prevents accidental double clicks. Not to mention the programs that I didn’t have on my laptop. In short: I’m content. The advantage of using the head mouse on my own computer is that answering my own mail and using the internet is once again doable. I’m more self-sufficient and I can use my PC again, instead of aimlessly sitting around. I wrote this part in 25 minutes. Not bad. This month’s entire diary is written by using the head mouse. It’s working. I do constantly forget about the dot between my eyes, so whenever I forget to take it off before bed or using the shower, it becomes unusable and ends up in the trash. Continue reading “Diary February 2001”