Diary September 2001

The farmer experience

The chickens have gotten bigger and definitely lost some of their charm. They still cheep instead of clucking and still haven’t grown crests. I expect we’ll set them free this weekend. We’ll have to see how they do in the wild. Other than that, we harvested 1.5 kg of tomatoes, 2 apples and enough potatoes for dinner. Not bad, considering we’re beginners. Continue reading “Diary September 2001”

Diary December 2001

Multiple people have told me that the piece about the PEG operation I put out last month was about me. It was not. It was written by a friend who was rapidly losing weight and dreading an esophageal PEG operation. I thought it would be informative for ALS patients, because the method described is a unique one. I’m sorry if it caused any confusion. I’ve had a PEG for a year and a half now, installed regularly with a tube through my throat. Continue reading “Diary December 2001”

Diary September 2005

Ward, this neighbourhood’s Sumo King

The toll of wearing a vest

A moment ago, I received an email from a fellow ALS patient. She wrote about the conflict between her and her husband when it comes to putting clothes on. She feels like she should be able to dictate the tempo and the order of clothing in which he dresses her. Her husband doesn’t and thinks she shouldn’t complain and should just be thankful, always quickly retracting the latter. That’s my own situation in a nutshell. Although we’ve made a lot of concessions over the years and our arguments aren’t as fiery anymore (their incident I feel is more of a rookie mistake), our conflict is rooted in the same age-old question: who’s in charge? Continue reading “Diary September 2005”