Diary January 2005


We had a nice quiet Christmas break. Our hardwood floor was sanded and finished on January 3rd and didn’t take nearly as long as I’d dreaded. We only had to spend two days staying with friends, after that the smell of varnish in our house was bearable. Because I couldn’t take my PC with me, I started reading The Da Vinci Code, a very suspenseful novel. I couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in 5 days. Fortunately, one of my carers is an avid reader and turned the pages for me while she read her own book. By now I’ve also finished The Dinner Club, a novel with twists, turns, and was full of surprises. The books often don’t look good after I’m done with them. For me to read them, they need to be folded open completely. Continue reading “Diary January 2005”

Diary March 2005


On Wednesday, March 2nd, the long-awaited documentary on ALS was finally aired. I don’t like programmes about serious diseases and I never watch them. Every one of them pretends to be in-depth but always leaves me feeling like they haven’t even scratched the surface. But this time, I knew some of the people involved, so I was curious. I enjoyed how every person they interviewed had their own way of dealing with their illness, ranging from getting the most out of life to doctor-assisted suicide, from meticulously planning everything out to living from day to day. I’m more of an improviser myself. The only people who I knew before they were euthanized were male. Maybe that’s because they were used to being in control. Maybe they’re unable to deal with such radical lifestyle changes. It would have been interesting if the documentary focused more on that aspect of ALS, but they barely mentioned it. I’m so impressed with Ria Velthuizen, who managed to shed a positive light on a topic as depressing as ALS. I wouldn’t have been able to. Continue reading “Diary March 2005”