Diary January 2004

Happy New Year

My mother always adds “as best you can”, even when wishing me happy holidays. I don’t like the addition. Why wouldn’t I have a happy new year or a merry Christmas? I understand her hesitation, but that doesn’t mean I like the clear allusions to my illness. These days I don’t look forward as much, preferring to look back and count every new day as a nice extra. My only goal in life is to live my days to the fullest. Continue reading “Diary January 2004”

Diary February 2004


On Friday afternoon, we interviewed, or rather, met our new help. After some meditation, I decided to not hire her. Why? Granted, she was nice and very good at her job, but when she arrived she immediately touched my face and again when leaving. I don’t doubt she had good intentions, but I don’t appreciate behaviour like that one bit. It’s something nurses tend to do; mothering me to bits. I already have a mother, thank you very much. I want someone who sees me as their equal. I spend whole days with my carers, they’re not short visits. I need to be on the same wavelength as my carers. Besides, I use my PC a lot, so some knowledge of computers is a prerequisite. I panic when my computer crashes, especially when there isn’t an interpreter present. Am I too picky? Continue reading “Diary February 2004”